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The English language presence of BI-SMH *

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*  International Bureau for hexadecimal metrology (système métrique hexadécimal)

Since  is still a recent site, yet, there are not so many pages :

Mainpage :  The English reference of the hexadecimal metric system (SMH)

Sub-page   1, online since 2006-09-17 :  The universal number names

Sub-page   2, online since 2006-09-17 :  The universal zillion names

Sub-page   3, online since 2006-10-14 :  The Viennese yard

Sub-page   4, online since 2007-01-30 :  « Bi lo bi la bi. »     The hexadecimal multiplication table

Sub-page   5, online since 2007-02-12 :  Why Cicero didn't spell his name Kikero ?    Short history of the letter C

Sub-page   6, online since 2007-02-27 :  General system of units in SMH    All the magnitudes and their five ranks

Sub-page   7, online since 2007-03-04 :  Bi le pi la bi pri.    The hexadecimal universal fraction names

Sub-page   8, online since 2007-03-15 :  References Nippur cubit    Two references for the Nippur cubit

Sub-page   9, online since 2007-03-15 :  Nippur cubit and other historical measures    Page still in work...

Sub-page 10, online since 2007-03-31 :  Civil, historical and astronomical chronology    The new civil calendar

Sub-page 11, online since 2007-04-02 :  Latin alphabetic numeration in AJR-standard,    performed by M. Florencetime in 1993.

                       Glossary  (under construction)

Other related stuff :

Photo: Florence meridian according to an IGM map

Photo: Florence meridian according to Google Earth

Photo: Fairway Rock

Map: Bering Strait

Graphic: SHOL multiplication table

Graphic: The digital foot ruler

Graphic: Stephansdom's ells

Dot-doc documents :

« Bi lo bi la bi. »   Numberssyllables  &  the poem.

Extra stuff :

Extract of Nicolas Chuquet's Triparty.


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It includes special morsels like an analogical hexadecimal clock,

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This page is online since 2006, October 02 ; 

Michael Florencetime, Paris

Secretary General of BI-SMH