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BI-SMH       acronym, stands  – internationally –  for the French name : " Bureau International du Système Métrique Hexadécimal "  formed in 2003, domiciled in Paris.

OvFsP         acronym, stands  – internationally –  for the Italian term :    " Osservatorio virtuale di Firenze situato a Parigi "  formed in 2003 ;  administrates the Civil Calendar.

SHOL          acronym, stands  – internationally –  for the French term  " Système Hexadécimal Omni-Littéral " exists since 1989 ;  means the hexadecimal letter-digits.


( Glossary under construction )

(and admittedly still under-developed.)  


hemina          is a greek unit and means :  the half . It also existed in the old Roman volume units. In SMH, one hemina is half-a-hexadecimal barrel or eighty hexa-a-litres.

klafter            litterally " the extended arms " (cf. French: toise, from latin tendere, to extend), equals always six feet. The English translation "fathom" is not satisfying

                      since this word already stands for the German nautical measure Faden. Therefore the word klafter is used in the English text, without translation.

pous metrios, one of the ancient Greek feet. It measures 16 / 15 Roman feet. Its idealistic value is 2 6 × 3 2 × 5 -4 × 7 3 = 316.1088 mm. It is identical to the Austrian foot.

shrek              is one of the rare historically not-attested unit names in SMH. One shrek is four hexa-i-liters, a quarter-roquille or four muids, i.e. about 6.5 millilitres.

                       (Note :  There is no connection to the homonymous film, that the author didn't see.)

yard                Internationally, the best word for any three-feet-ell is the word " yard ", since the well-known English yard equals three feet.













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