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Hexadecimal Time

The Civil Calendar



The day contains definitely twice sixteen hours. Each day holds twonety hours:  PQ.QQq H

On the one hand because there are sixteen longitudinal great-cercles and on the other hand because two tours reflect the day-and-night phenomenon.

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BQQ.QQq H = one octave = B Mit (one mega-i-timple) == 8.000 common Earth days
BQ.QQq H = one turn = B hut (one hexa-u-timple) == 12.000 duodecimal  hours
B.QQq H = one hour = B hot (one hexa-o-timple) == 45.000 sexagesimal minutes
Q.BQq H = one maxim = B hat (one hexa-a-timple) == 168.750 sexagesimal seconds
Q.QBq H = one minute = B het (one hexa-e-timple) <= 10.547 sexagesimal seconds
Q.QQb H = one second = B hit (one hexa-i-timple) >= 0.659 sexagesimal second
Q.QQqb H = one third = B ut (one micro-u-timple) >= 0.041 sexagesimal second


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